Educational Page

          At sometime last couple of years ago, when I was searching Google for a proof of Quadratic Formula, I accidentally came accross to Khan Academy.  I found the site very educational and since then I have learned many things from the site.

           As a mathematics teacher, a father and grandfather myself, I always look for ways how to improve my teaching skills and how  to educate my children and grandchildren at home.

I have found Khan Academy a very good resource to help both parents and their students to learn things using hi-tech such Internet, Youtube or computer to learn right from their home.



           Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy,  uses the You Tube channels to create thousands and thousands of short lecture video clips about 12 minutes long to teach the world…

           Parents and students, I would recommend you try Khan Academy and you will like it or at least it is free…I have included some direct links to very interesting topics that I have already tried myself, and you could connect directly to these topics that I have made some links accross the page here: